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Image by Robert Tjin Tjoen Lim

Plantas Perennes

     Maintenance for perennials will vary depending on variety, but some constants are true for nearly all.  Like shrubs, they may require daily irrigation, particularly during hot or dry periods, in the first few weeks after installation.  After this initial period, most will be content with water on alternating days or even as little as once per week.  Perennials will typically be cut back to the ground once per season, either in the spring or fall.  Timing can vary depending on your needs and the plants in your landscape.   Talk with your designer for specific recommendations for your plants.

It is normal for flowers to fade on perennials once their bloom period is over.  Some people choose to leave the dried flowers for additional interest or to allow seeds to propagate within the planting bed.  Others prefer to “deadhead” their plants and remove spent flowers. 

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