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How does this work?

From start to finish, our team is dedicated to making sure your landscape experience is everything you want it to be.  Let's take a look at how it works...

Each client and project is unique,

Red Japanese Maple with Red Patio Chair

   But there are some constants when discussing the landscape process.  Whether you are a homeowner adding a cool and stylish patio to your backyard or a large corporation looking for an amazing, impactful landscape, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

   We always like to begin with a quick phone call or email to help us determine which of our talented design team is best suited to lead your project.  From there, your designer will want to schedule a meeting.  This gives us a chance to talk with you about your project and learn more about your needs and goals for your space.  If it's an existing site, we prefer to meet in-person and on-location, so that we can make a more accurate assessment of the area.  We will often take photos and measurements at this time to aid in the next step in planning your project.  

   At your initial meeting, we will discuss with you whether a formal landscape plan is needed or wanted for your project.  For some, a simple, written proposal is sufficient, and for others, an actual drawing or drawings is an absolute necessity; it is often required for projects where a permit is necessary.  We'll discuss the options with you at our meeting.  If a formal design is needed, your designer will present you with a Conceptual Site Plan Agreement, a contract, providing the details of the designers services and estimated fees.  During this planning phase, your designer will take the all of the information you have given them, select options for materials such as plants, stone, and mulch, and create a landscape plan that is unique to your individual site and needs.  

   Once complete, your designer will present you with the plan and an installation proposal, detailing the estimated cost for fully installing the proposed landscape.  Upon approval of the proposal, we ask for you to confirm by signing the contract and making arrangements with your designer to make the initial deposit.  This deposit allows us to begin sourcing the materials necessary for your project and assures your place on our construction schedule.   Lead time will vary depending on the time of year and the scope of the project.  Your designer will let you know an approximate timeline and make arrangements to mark utilities, etc. prior to breaking ground.  Additional phases of billing will be detailed in your contract and can be discussed with your designer.

   When the time comes to begin installing your landscape, your designer and crew leader will meet on site to walk through the project and discuss the details.  While it is a great time to meet the crew leader and begin a dialog about the specifics of your project, we understand that a client cannot always attend these meetings.  We encourage you to discuss any project details or concerns with your designer and crew leader whenever they arise.  Keeping communication open is the most important part of a successful project.  If changes to the original contract are required, change orders can be discussed, as needed.

   Once the walk-through is complete, you will begin to see materials and equipment arrive at your site, and preparations beginning for installation.  Construction often begins with, at least some, demolition or, at least, site preparation.  Our team will begin by excavating and preparing the site, removing unwanted items, grading soils, and generally getting it ready for the new landscape installation.  We will, then, bring in and install the necessary soils, stone and other hardscape elements, plants, and mulch.  We will restore disturbed lawn areas and install sod, where necessary.  Clients are often surprised at how quickly a dramatic change happens in their landscape.  

  At about the time your project wraps up, your designer and the crew leader will plan a final walk-through with you to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.   Even if your project is complete, please, remember that we are here to help and happy to answer any questions as you may encounter.

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