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Fire Feature

     Maintaining safety and proper function is essential for getting the most out of your fire feature.  Always exercise good judgement around fire.  Keep the area free of weeds and other flammable materials that may catch fire inadvertently, and have a water source or fire extinguisher handy for emergencies.

               Gas- Maintaining your gas fire feature is as simple as keeping the fire element free from water and debris.  We recommend covering your fire feature during the winter or during extended periods of disuse.  Make sure the gas is turned off at the key stop whenever not in use.  If service is required, please contact your local heating and cooling experts. 

               Wood- Maintaining a wood-burning fire pit is similarly simple.  To maintain safe functionality and tidy appearance, remove cooled ash and debris periodically.  Avoid overfilling your fire pit to keep fires at a safe and manageable size.  Always be sure to fully extinguish fires before leaving the area, using sand and/or water to smother the flames and fuel source.   

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