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Image by Gary Fultz


     If seasonal color plants are installed as part of your new landscape, it is important to keep their regular care in mind.  Flowering “annuals,” like Geraniums and Petunias, are typically heavy feeders and benefit from regular fertilization.  Weekly (or more frequent) applications of a water-soluble fertilizer or monthly applications of granular fertilizer will assure bounteous blooms for the entire season.  Foliage plants, like Coleus or Sweet Potato Vine, do better with nitrogen heavy fertilizers, which promote full, lush leaves and little flowering. 

For containerized annuals, daily, or even twice daily, watering may be needed, especially for smaller containers.  Larger planters, over 18”, may be successful with less frequent watering.  Annuals planted in the ground should be watered on alternating days, in most cases.  Be sure to water thoroughly to ensure strong root development.  

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