Creating a formal or informal walkway is a perfect addition to your landscape. Using natural stone, whether it is Eramosa Flagstone that has a straight cut look, or Canadian Flagstone that is multi-shaped and colorful, your walkway will invite your guests to your home with eye-catching enhancements to any outdoor space or garden. Using polymeric sand, limestone fines or crushed Michigan stone, the gaps are filled so the walk is a smooth transition from one stone to the next.

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than natural stone staircases made from large stone slabs. The elegant natural stone staircase adds character and definition to your home. Natural stones have attained immense popularity worldwide due to its unique characteristics. The beauty, strength and low maintenance are the major factors that make them an excellent choice for stairways. We offer a couple different options in materials like Canadian Snapped Thermal Treated Rock Face, Canadian Outcropping, and Eramosa Steps.