You can have the most beautiful yard in the world, but how would anybody know after dark if it’s not lit? Landscape lights are more than just a few light bulbs on poles scattered through your yard—they are a part of the overall décor of your yard. Placed correctly, they can call attention to the more attractive features of your yard, whether they are particular plants, sculptures, water features or even your deck. They can provide just the proper accents to allow your yard to be enjoyed through the night.

Landscape lights can add to the overall look of your property and help make it safer. A beautiful landscape can be a friend by day, but at night it can become an enemy. Even if you know where all the pitfalls are, your guests do not. If someone injures themselves on your property, you could be liable for damages.

Situations like this can be avoided with low voltage landscape lighting. The lights can be used sparingly and tastefully as part of a lighting plan, but they can still provide enough illumination to prevent people from hurting themselves. As an added bonus, the additional light can help keep thieves and vandals away, as they prefer to work in the dark.