You can go as simple as a covered area with a cooking surface and an island to work on, or go moderate by adding a small fridge and a bar for friends to sit at, or go all the way by including a sink, flooring, and cabinets for storage.

If you have been thinking about an outdoor kitchen, consider some of the reasons why you should take the plunge and go for it!

A Hang Out: People love to sit around the kitchen and talk. People like to hang out by the grill, but standing in the sun drives them away. Bring the two worlds together with an outdoor kitchen. They’ll have a shady place to sit and watch the magic happen and you can still be a part of the conversation while you cook.
Easy Cooking: Face it, cooking can make a real mess in your kitchen. And frying or high-heat searing can fill your home with smoke. With an outdoor kitchen, the smoke stays outside, keeping your home fresh. Plus, you’ll save on energy costs because you won’t need to run the A/C to keep the house cool while you cook.
An Extra Room: Technically, an outdoor kitchen adds space to your home and gives you an extra room. Even if you aren’t cooking and just want a quiet place to relax outdoors when the inside gets too crazy, you have a place to go. Plus, it adds resale value to your home.