Pruning is a horticultural practice that alters the form and growth of a plant. Based on aesthetics and science, pruning can also be considered preventive maintenance. Many problems may be prevented by pruning correctly during formative years for a tree or shrub.

We offer pruning to promote plant health and appearance. Appearance in the landscape is essential to a plant’s usefulness. For most landscapes, a plant’s natural form is best. You want to control plant size and shape, keep shrubby evergreens well-proportioned and dense, and remove unwanted branches, suckers and desirable fruiting structures that detract from plant appearance.

Pruning also helps protect people and property. When you remove dead branches, and remove hazardous trees, it removes the risk of them falling on people. For security purposes, prune shrubs or tree branches that obscure the entry to your home.

Keeping your plants and landscape looking lush and beautiful year-round takes a lot of care and attention to detail. Let us do the pruning for you!

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